24 things I’ve learnt at 24

The night I turned 24, I was terrified. I still am terrified. Age is something that almost scares me; I’m under the constant impression that I’m not doing enough. With the panic, there was an odd shame. I was ashamed of myself, for all the things I thought I would have accomplished by then, I feel like I hadn’t done so much.

It has been half a year since I turned 24, and here are the things I’ve learnt:

  1.  Perception is a mind’s game; no one is good at a mind game.
  2.  No one thinks about you as much as you think they do, and if they do, you’re still better off.
  3.  Things happen for a reason, cliché, but so incredibly profound.
  4.  Feelings are complicated, feel them.
  5.  There is strength in having a good cry.
  6.  People say things; you choose which to hear, pick the right ones.
  7.  You will always regret putting work before people.
  8.  Your grandmother deserves your undivided attention.
  9.  Hold out for the best.
  10.  Hold on to the one you love.
  11.  If he loves you, he will accept you.
  12.  Curiosity made the cat smarter.
  13.  Buying that beautiful lipstick is okay.
  14.  Invest in good headphones.
  15.  Follow your gut, forget what other people say.
  16.  Strengthen your nerves.
  17.  If you buy a piece of clothing, give another piece away
  18.  It’s okay not to take yourself so seriously.
  19.  Your dad is your hero.
  20.  If being nice is taken as flirtatiousness, that’s not on you.
  21.  It’s okay to change, to be changed for the better.
  22.  If he says something, believe him; don’t overthink it in your head.
  23.  Your progress is yours, measure yourself against no one else.
  24.  Always believe what comes next is better.

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