Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith

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I stole this book from my cousin’s bedroom when I was sixteen. She received it as a gift, but I rightly decided that I needed this book more than she did.

This book has changed me, every time I read it, I feel like I’ve learned something new, this book teaches you lessons, of love, understanding, betrayal and the fact no matter how much you feel in control of your life and circumstances you never really are.

There is something so lyrical about the way Gina writes, her stories are so fluid. I want to give her other books a read as well. But I have, what I now call the JKR-Syndrome. The JKR-Syndrome was something I had when I read the Casual Vacancy. I’m honest when I say this, after reading the Casual Vacancy, I almost had a little trouble with the Harry Potter series. And I know, everyone says, the Harry Potter series was for children and the Casual Vacancy is for adults, I just had a hard time with it.

I fear if I read more of Gina’s books, I’ll feel the same way about Moonlight on the Avenue of Faith. And, I love that book too much to feel anything but a sense of peace when I read it. One can always hope for bravery; maybe I’ll get my hands on the rest of them and give them a read too. Who knows?

You can buy this book here. And you can find out more about the author here.

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